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February 2nd 2014:

I spent a full 24 hours with him. I didn’t know it was this possible to have someone that makes me so happy. I am completely and utterly myself around him. He makes me laugh until it hurts. And he makes me feel wanted. He never fails to remind me how breathtakingly beautiful I…

"Can we just fast forward time. PLEASEEEEEE. I need to be in a clean, quiet, & comfy home with just my boyfriend, and soon. Before I go crazy."
-me (via bambi-lady)
"It was not your fault. You did not know the truth. Everything was hidden away from you, everything that could have ever hurt you."
-Excerpt from Hurricane By Michael Daaboul (via michaeldaaboul)
"Because we are all one when we forgive others we forgive ourselves, which is the first step in the healing process."